Welcome to will.harris.ch

This site is a repository for my qmail patches and helper programs, as well as some of my photos..

You can see my main web page at the University of Zurich.

ofmipd-dns-databytes.tar.gz - a patch to the mess822 package ofmipd to support DNS envelope sender checking as well as mail size limit enforcing through an additional databytes control file.
qmail-smtpd.c.diff - a patch to make qmail fully RFC 1870 compliant, i.e. to support the ESMTP SIZE command.
bmf-perl.tar.gz - a patch to let qmail use Perl regexes to check the envelope sender.
rblcheck.pl - a system-level filter designed to check incoming mail against spam blacklists and flag the mail on the subject line and with X-Blacklisted headers.
remoteip.patch - a patch to insert an X-Remote-IP header in all mail.
rblcheck14.tar.gz - command line tool to check IP addresses against DNS-style blacklists (e.g. RBL, RSS, ORBS, DUL). By [email protected].

If you need any help with this stuff, or have bouquets/brickbats to send me, drop me a line at